Our cooperation with Karko is the quintessence of business synergy that has developed and strengthened since the very beginning of our activity. As a renowned manufacturer of plus-size women’s clothing in Poland and Europe, we are a key link in the supply chain for Karko. A significant part of the assortment offered by Karko on their Tea website and in boutiques comes directly from our sewing room and design office.

Our cooperation is characterized primarily by a close partnership in which both parties focus on a common goal – providing high-quality, fashionable plus size clothing. We support Karko not only as a supplier, but also as a creative partner, providing unique projects and solutions tailored to the needs and expectations of their clients.

The joint projects and collections we create reflect our understanding of the plus-size clothing market and the needs of modern consumers. We constantly strive for innovation and perfection in every aspect of our work, which translates into the success and popularity of Karko products.

In this cooperation, we particularly value open communication and flexibility, which allows us to quickly respond to changing trends and customer preferences. Our experience and expertise combine with Karko’s dynamic approach, creating the perfect combination to operate effectively in the competitive fashion market.

To sum up, our cooperation with Karko is a model example of how effective and fruitful the synergy between a manufacturer and a distributor can be, focused on the common goal of meeting customer needs and constantly striving for innovation and perfection.


Our collaboration with RETAIL Hub, which began in 2023, is the foundation of our digital presence and marketing strategy. RETAIL Hub has played a key role in creating our digital identity, creating and managing our website and our social media profiles.

The RETAIL Hub team demonstrates not only technical proficiency, but also a creative approach to our brand. Their work on our website and social media profiles translates into a consistent and attractive image of our company in the digital world.

One ​​of the key aspects of our cooperation is effective advertising campaigns. RETAIL Hub uses its experience and knowledge to effectively promote our brand on platforms such as Facebook and Google. Thanks to their efforts, our advertisements reach a wide audience, attracting new customers and building recognition of our brand.

In addition, RETAIL Hub is responsible for maintaining our company blog. Their competences in creating content are invaluable – they provide valuable, engaging and informative articles that strengthen our position as an expert in the industry. This blog has become an important element of our communication strategy, attracting both regular and new customers.

The RETAIL Hub team also demonstrates excellent flexibility and responsiveness in managing our website. They respond quickly to any update or change needs, ensuring that our website is always up to date and optimized.

To sum up, cooperation with RETAIL Hub is an invaluable value for our company. Their comprehensive digital marketing approach and technical competencies are key to growing our online presence and achieving success in a competitive marketplace.