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Elegance and Prestige in Every Sewing
Computer embroidery is a technique that combines tradition with modernity, offering an eye-catching and prestigious finish to textiles. At Logos Dystrybucja we use the latest computer-controlled embroidery machines, thanks to which we offer a wide range of thread colors. Our solutions will make corporate clothing and advertising materials stand out with elegance and style. We embroider on a variety of materials – from thick fleeces to delicate fabrics.

Effective Advertising of Your Brand
Individual textile marking is not only a way to create effective advertising, but also to strengthen the image of your company. Nowadays, effective advertising is a key element of running a business.

Increasing Brand Prestige
Textiles with your company’s logo embroidered not only increase prestige, but also remain in the minds of customers. Individual branding proves that you care about every detail of your brand. Marking bedding, towels and bathrobes is proof of a comprehensive and refined brand strategy.

Perfect Gift Idea
Stylish textiles with the company logo are a great gift idea for employees, co-workers or clients. Thanks to high-quality material and professional marking methods, they are both practical and elegant.

Effective Assortment Security
Individually marked textiles not only promote your brand, but also protect your assortment. Marking hotel textiles effectively deters unauthorized appropriation and also makes it easier to prove such an act.

Choose Custom Textile Marking
We encourage you to choose individual textile marking to protect your business and at the same time emphasize the prestige and rank of your company.