Design room​

If you are looking for a fully professional team that will help you create a completely new collection – you’ve come to the right place. We design all types of clothing, from dresses to work clothes and uniforms, where standards must be maintained, such as in the case of airlines or banks. In our work, we use modern industry programs. We love the challenges of design and finding solutions that improve functionality and aesthetics.

As part of the work of the sample room, we offer the following services:

  • clothing design – our designers will help you create the design and advise on the selection of materials and accessories. We create structures in both digital and paper versions;
  • sewing prototypes – based on templates, we sew a prototype which we send for checking and make any corrections;
  • gradation – we create templates for each size. We are proud of our extensive experience in grading plus size clothing;
  • cutting systems – we make systems that help optimize sewing costs by eliminating material waste
  • trafaret print – we print on various paper widths, maximum 1.82 m
  • technical documentation – we develop a set of documents containing data necessary to produce a specific product